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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

MLB TagOramic you can Stare on the face of every fan in the world series

Are you lucky enough to attend one playoff MLB games this month? Then, you may want to throw a TagOramic, although functionality practice on that was built to celebrate the fall classic. In the playoffs, MLB took absolutely massive panoramic photographs of each stage - and they took them to enough high resolution that you can zoom in and see each fan.

The site also included support for Facebook Connect, so even if you don't get attend one playoff games, you can log in and see if one of your friends have been marked in the photo.Il seems silly, but it is surprisingly fun to see a shot of your canine friend mi-chaud surrounded by a sea of other fans.

Panoramic photos consist of hundreds of smaller photos, taken with a duration of 20 minutes at each match.Chaque panoramic photo has a more precise description. Here is one of them:

From the fourth round of part 1 of world series AT & T Park in San Francisco, CA panoramic image.Photo is made of 280 pictures (28 everywhere by 10 down) taken over a period of 17 minutes and fused together to a single photo.Hi-res final file is 79,828 X 19,290 pixels or 1,539 megapixels.

Another thing to note: there is a similar button next to each team to show how much support they get on Facebook.Les Giants destroy the surprise Texas.Aucune it.

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