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Friday, 19 November 2010

PayPal Beats Google Checkout to the local market of payments but it will work? (TCTV)

In collaboration with Developer Conference company, PayPal has announced a series of news and product releases this week, including a new product of micropayments and an application platform for enterprises. But nestled in a press release was another piece of news from PayPal potentially enormous. PayPal has just released a new version of its popular iPhone application that allows users to find businesses near immediate location who accept PayPal as a form of payment. Launch of San Francisco at the outset, the feature encourages merchants to draw near to clients in their stores displaying the application as an incentive for customers to visit their corporate promotions and offers.

Customers can search by category, location and find and selected stores, services or offers sp├ęciales.Les users can pick up the goods or services in person, but pay the merchant in their APP PayPal users can also use tags to Bling Nation, a startup that has established a partnership with PayPal mobile payment starting chip allows to deduct funds from a PayPal account.

A large around using PayPal merchant outlets is the ability to offer treats it as an incentive to buyers drive to a store or restaurant. Whether resembling General day-to-day transactions or just ordinary coupons, there is no doubt that processes help drive online sales for offline.

President of PayPal Scott Thompson says TechCrunch (see video below) that finally the local feature will be "Ubiquity," which means that you can access these lists of merchants and pay with PayPal, where you are in the world.Local is one of the key elements of the future strategy of PayPal, says Thompson.Il believes that a world becoming more connected, eventually all local merchants accept PayPal as a payment for purchases in the store option.

For PayPal, local payments certainly makes sense. Online sales outside connection is a large part of the local trade and if PayPal can become a mechanism for payments in the local market, it could pay off the coast of revenue for the company.

A competitor to note in the local space of payments is Google Checkout. While Google CheckOut is not a broad scope such as PayPal, Google Checkout has an ACE in the hole when it comes to Google sites.Google sites allows local claim and edit a page, post real-time business updates (e.g., "happy hour tonight"), telephones, create a custom and same QR code offer coupons. Google indexes and highlights these pages in the results of research, most recently launched a placement more integrated top sites for the search on Google.

Google could easily turn on a transaction (for example, a daily dose) for these merchants and use Google
Extraction as a payment mechanism.The same experience may extend to mobile phones.

Advantage that Google has about PayPal is that, with seats, these relationships with local merchants are already integrated business search giants.At the last count a few months ago, Google had places pages in place for the business of 4 million, but I am sure that this number is higher o.d. ' other PayPal will be to forge new relationships with these companies local to bring in their payments platform.Not only do they have find businesses, but teach them to use their mobile applications as a mechanism for payment PayPal.Mise across local PayPal feature will be a huge effort for the company, that is why PayPal is testing the feature off in a market in San Francisco.

This why it makes sense to PayPal to form partnerships on his local.Google effort is an unlikely partner, given that the company already has its own paiements.Lieux Facebook platform could be a potential partner (PayPal is already a partner of micropayments for virtual network currency social platform credits) .Facebook is supposedly to turn on a feature site transaction and PayPal could be a way to deal with these General paiements.Et is supposedly to be brokerage agreement payments with PayPal as well.

While Google Checkout still does not have the kind of number of users that PayPal in the field of payments, Google has therefore in terms of locaux.locaux war chest much more at affordable, the battle between the two much more interesting only obtained payment platform.

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