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Friday, 19 November 2010

Request a VC: is the economic growth of the Asia by real this time? [TCTV]

As promised, my guest on request this week CV is James Chan Neoteny Labs, an early stage investment firm with operations in Singapore. Chan is not some expats banker - in fact, it is a "son of Singapore ground" as he he phrases. He was educated in the system, served his two years in the army and obtained a scholarship to study at the United States party at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon University.

Scholarship came with a wholesale price: he had to return and work for the Government of Singapore six years or pay hundreds of thousands of dollars of Singapore out of this. Yeesh, what are some strings, Pinocchio. The Government proposes to subsidize my trip to Singapore, but TechCrunch or my savings account (depleted) pay for 95% of my travel - the exception being when I am paid to speak to a Conference.In this case, pencils TechCrunch tab and hearing history of Mr. Chan I was the lock-in Arrington with AOL soulagée.Même not long.

Chan is not liquidate serving all this thanks to Joi Ito, Chan has met and decided that he had to have the man-on-the-ground neoteny Labs and helped to negotiate a spell in the contract with a deferred payment plan.But Chan experience in the Government gave him an appreciation for the strengths and weaknesses of machine surprisingly practical Government and a considerable scope Singapore.

Chan uses this unique mash-up experiences East-West to answer questions from readers to invest in the Asia - South-East and where to find the best Singapour.La next week, our interview with Indonesia step only at the beginning, chilli crab Fund is Ventures.

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