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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

SF Giants Fans to spread fear and beard on Facebook

Given that the Yankees are not in the world series this year, my allegiance shifts the San Francisco Giants. And Yes, while I am a friend of beautiful baseball, I am ready to go to bat for my new favorite team, at least through this series. What better way to show my support for "beardify" my Facebook photo with Brian Wilson Beardifier application? (You can become a fan of his beard on Facebook too).

Brian Wilson is the Giants with the ball Launcher 95 mph and beard ténébreux.Il intimidate opponents, who have learned to "fear the beard".

And now you can intimidate your friends through fear and Brian Wilson on Facebook.Malheureusement beard, he takes your peak profile for each update status, unless you download your new pic.Il is not entirely identical to transform your Twitter avatar green year last to support democracy in Iran, but it is probably equally effective.

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