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Monday, 1 November 2010

SolFocus solar sales in Saudi Arabia

American export of renewable energy sources in the Middle East? It is not to update.

A mountain view, California, company SolFocus, announced an agreement with a major in Saudi Arabia - Advanced Vision Electro-mechanical Company (alias vision) - construction company is implementing a new Central solar trade in Harba.

The plant will be the first in Saudi Arabia to use PVC or concentrator photovoltaic solar systems according to a press release joint SolFocus and vision. In General, CPV systems consist of solar cells and optics focus the rays of the Sun on the cells increase their power and, ultimately, reducing the cost of solar electricity generated in sunny, dry environments.

SolFocus sells-backed warranty, concentrator photovoltaic solar systems that it manufactures mainly in Mesa, Arizona.To date, SolFocus raised 143 million in funding for the company.

The new solar plant using technology Harba SolFocus send 300 megawatt hours of solar energy per year, representing a nominal capacity of 132 kW.

Saudi Arabia is the largest producer and exporter of total oil liquid according to the value of the information administration monde.Énergie.

The Summit of the United Nations on climate change 2009 bargaining Saudi Mohammed Al-Sabban expressed disbelief that global warming is caused or accelerated by humans and is concerned about the likely for the Organization of exporting countries (OPEC) oil economic impact if others to reduce their use oil.

Always considered an obstruction by advocates of global sustainability, Saudi Arabia has begun to invest in renewable energy recently.Why is the leader of the OPEC warm in solar energy?Firstly, the region gets lots of sunshine.

Co-founder and Director of technology at SolFocus, Steve Horne, also explained Wednesday:

"The King of Saudi Arabia has recognized climate change and wants to reduce the carbon footprint of pays.Un significant proportion of the oil which is extracted from Saudi Arabia is used internally."This is what they you can compensate by using energy renouvelables.Le King is interested in export of energy renewable ainsi.Il has a process to establish a transmission line which extends to the coast towards the Kuwait, maintenant.Le King has a long-term for the country as a generator of renewable energy.

SolFocus CEO Mark Crowley said in a press release:

"High Sun Middle East conditions provide an ideal environment to harvest solar energy on a large scale and low cost of the CPV.Ensemble systems [will] bring more effective and respectful of the planet in Saudi Arabia, solar technology resources providing energy diversification for the country."

The developers of the project, vision, will also build and install additional solar power plants in the centres of research at the University of King Abdullah of science and technology (KAUST) and Saudi Arabia.

Hassan Chahine, CEO Vision stated in a press release: "is a breakthrough in the thrust of Saudi Arabia for diversification énergétique.Nous believe that Harba plant will serve as a model for research and study of water and power solutions that diversify the energy mix of the region more."

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