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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Ten things to look for in ticketing software.

It is all very well to hire Service Desk technicians more experienced you can put the hand, but if you're giving them unhealthy tools, you may not give their results at the top of the page. Of course, furniture, equipment true and it is true the # 1 tool they use every day - the ticketing application. Here's what to look for.

Connects bidirectional.If your ticketing application can retrieve data from elsewhere on your system to automatically rewrite your internal choice of database archiving software and report, which is a huge amount of work that you do not have to pay people to faire.Trop technicians spend 90% of their time cutting and pasting, when it should be automatic.

Speed settings. Your software allows you to change the flow of default screen of your people how to do things? Is it keep track of how long it takes to perform certain tasks (including screenloads), and the average time for a tech how to get from A to B in the interface?It allows itself to adapt to reduce these delays? can preload data? If not, you are almost pay for your entire sit around for three to four hours per day team, wait for your software stop turning its digital thumb.

Redundancy. Your ticketing software to use a back-end server number of tickets to coordinate and to store a centralized archive? If a PC technicians loses its connection to the server, or if the server fails, is smart enough to fully pass network ticketing application offline and then resynchronizes with the back-end more later as the - without slowing down something else on the PC?

Automation.Your software to automatically manage workflows?What sources of data of yours it checks in the background as the technician works, so that they lose no time manually?

Equilibrium model purposesyou use without templates? models for everything? Both are usually bad ideas.Models can accelerate the entry of common issues, but there is simply nothing that they can cover everything and if a technician is remembered and browse forms base plus a dozen they lose time.

Input non-linear.If your application requires absolute information, fill in the fields of the ticket in a certain order, it is already maintain your people.There is no excuse for this hard coding in the default order of total.A is beautiful, but (as above), it must be changed and must be over-rideable in temps.Vos technicians are smarter that your software - fail parties fight, especially when you're billed.

Autoguessing.Request ticket is used, the flow of information more through what options of technicians are likely to select ensuite.Votre application uses this information to screen and likely data including text, Templates button and monitor workflow and output of other applications and utilities for preloading?is it customize those preload in order to improve the skills of individual technicians? it allows that autoguessing rules must be changed manually?

Required fields soft.There is almost never an absolute requirement for a field.Not prevent your technicians complete 98% of a ticket because the data item that you've marked as mandatory is not available.Flag if you want to flash red or orange, this log to a file to evaluate later by a supervisor or high-tech, but forcing your people spend their valuable time to find ways around your brick wall.

Object unseizability.Did nothing to a boring as a system.At ticketing text only less technicians should be able to paste it into the HTML or rich text (for example) in your body main ticket compatibility .Mettre captures screen and you can join/link files and objects for accounts and students exactly how something went wrong, what should look for and how to adjust the worst problème.La meets the only thing that spending half an hour registers a set of extremely long error messages pay your technicians at the top of the page to a typing pool.

Customizable interface .a good ticket will be able to adapt to any entreprise.De even, but there are lots of features and extras that you'll have to do right not this second.Check to make sure that your Service Desk is able to modify the presentation and the stream more frequented interface to adjust precisely to your needs and compress a 10 to 50% extra speed of.

So if you're after the effectiveness or simply a means of boosts service desk, start with what is right in front of them.

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This article was originally written by Steve Davidson and is reproduced with permission.Steve Davidson runs as a consultant agency specialized helpdesks, service counters, teams, call centres and administration, helping reduce costs and improve services and workflows.

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