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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Twitter update logos, rules: the "T" logo information use, screen and Capital Tweets screenshots

Today on the Twitter blog, the company has written an post that was all three phrases showcase their new logos. Yay!

But there are actually quite a bit more it then it appears.

If you follow the link they provide in the lines guidelines page, you will find a few tidbits intéressantes.Parmi them:

No: "use any other than the most recent versions of logos Twitter." No: "use profiles screenshots or Tweets other people without their permission."

Both are interesting because both are broken all the time. In addition, good first not enough account yet because Twitter has just officially launched their new logos. But hundreds, even thousands of websites have been using old or false Twitter logos to represent the company for a long time.

The last rule is certainly more troublesome.Tweets are known to be public elements, but Twitter says that you cannot use screenshots of them without permission.We have to do this all the time.Is true of almost all other publication.Nous have never been said is bad, it seems reek of fair use, but now Twitter is saying, it is a perceived (Update below for Twitter).

A few months ago Twitter has tried to reach their own solution to this with their own tweet Blackbird Pie incorporate the tool it is interesting that in their position on it, they never said that this tweets entry screen was done erroné.En, they note "above all, we think simply that it is a pain do screen extract tweets." Note what they call a "pain", not "bad".

Twitter said it's fine to use other tweets that you are authorized to utiliser.Mais isn't even once, not it already public?

Also interesting: 

: Make sure that if the reference to "Tweet", include you a direct reference to Twitter (for example, "Tweet with Twitter") or display Twitter marks with the reference to "Tweet."

This seems to be all about Twitter wins the mark for the word "tweet", which they attempted unsuccessfully to do so. They note also later, "Please remember take advantage of T to Twitter and Tweet!" As a commentator, notes, it's funny that they would even operate it in their own logo!

Last updated: agreement, we clarified some things with Twitter.

Their spokesperson concerning the new logos:

The purpose of the update was to provide access to our new resources and to better define guidelines.

We encourage people to use the new brands.It is perfect for them to continue using the old, but we hope people will use the new.We said it before, that this is not the first time our brands have changed.

And as regards the screenshots:

This is not a new part of the policy and stated in the guidelines before.It is used primarily to protect users from being used as references in their insu.Tweets publiques.Mais if you intend to use in static form tweets tweets public (for example, in a publication), you must have the permission of the author/user.For example, if someone famous tweet to love something, then it has been used on a billboard.

This does not apply to broadcast - there are display policy to this sujet.Nos guidelines will also attempt to monitor the appropriate use of tweets in reporting.

It is a bit confusing (and I asked for clarity), but it seems as is they to apply the rule to persons (including journalists) take screenshots of tweets .c ' is for advertisers trying to use tweets as entries without permission.

Update 2: more clarity of Twitter:

News, whether on-line or printed, it is correct to use screenshots of Tweets .the ' permission applies more goods, billboards, etc.Rights of users are essential.

In other words, bloggers rangement.Qui screenshot is good, but basically, they say just what they will do the rules b.c ' is still a little worrying for the future .they could apply anytime, why do not just make clearer rules specific? this reeks of the legal department covering the asses here just in case they have to abandon a hammer.

As regards the capital "T" tweet:

We consider content sense on Twitter, rather than a word générique.Avec Tweet it, should be capitalized when it comes to a nom.Ce is not new, and it is not something that we apply.

Yet again, which seems to be all about copyright - and especially when it is used in publications.

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