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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Video: adds Guy Kawasaki to advisers, in the interest of investors builds

Since quietly launched in May of this year, it has been building momentum. Firstly, it seemed like an application very simple Twitter was just the form feed, people follow you on a site rather pure style log where you could read what has been shared. But when coupled with an automatic virality, in that it would make your tweet name account of user names of the people in your "document", the application has taken offshore. Later I heard the rumors, it's traffic, exploding therefore attract much interest from investors, although the company denies raises funding now.

Today these rumors surface to a certain extent in the form of news, exclusive to us, that well-known investor Guy Kawasaki has joined its Advisory Board.

Similar to, part of the appeal of is believed to be shared links in your feed in a highly digestible form, giving it much recourse ordinaires.Il has also been optimized for use on the iPad.

I took with the CEO and founder Eduard recordings of the Monaco Media Forum for the interview below:

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