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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Why Amazon only take a top-selling book? OH, it is the law, it is How - To Pedophilia

Less than an hour after that hit the Amazon sales list and subject controversial for its existence is the Dr. Phil show as well as other mainstream media, it seems that Amazon has taken the HOWTO book sadly famous pedofile. The link to buy The Pedophile love and pleasure guide causes error 404 above and the book is no longer # 96 on Amazon popular success list replaced by A Dangerous Fortune of Ken Follett.

You earn, Internet.

Update: The book seems to be the return of confidences and is now the # 80 on the list of Amazon popular success.And now there down to new.And is no longer in the slot # 80

Sheesh, pedophile book is highest and stockings as Chatroulette .and as Chatroulette, we're going to guess that its days are numbered.

TechCrunch reader (and former intern from Amazon) Sainath Mallidi has the following theory on why the book seems to be performing an act endangered and reappear.

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