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Monday, 8 November 2010

Why Chennai is called Silicon Alley of India

Chennai is regarded as the Silicon Alley of the India. South Indian are well recognized for their culture and software development. There are many world-class programmers and developers working in the South of the India. Bangalore is regarded as the India Silicon Valley. More than 50% of the software products are exported to the South of the India. We investigate in depth on the software companies in the city of Chennai.

Chennai is a destination in rapid development of software, information, Citi, offshore outsourcing, it staff on the rise, BPO, Office and the offshore software development technologies.

Some of the world famous that IT parks in Chennai are TECCI Park, Park Tidel, Olympia tech Park, Park Fwd IT and so forth. Today Chennai is the second greatest leader in the export of software and services in India enabled IT in Bangalore.

Many computer parks and consult software were developed in the suburbs of Chennai.Analystes Chennai is one of the best destinations for the establishment of software companies.If this growth continues in the future, Chennai can overcome Bangalore computer services and software solutions.

Young entrepreneurs and businesses find friendly eco-system in Chennai to help develop their activity as an established company.

Chennai is a busy city, people are educated, Government helps investors directly and indirectly, more money spent on infrastructure, software of management of the company is well established and réussie.Tous these factors made Chennai as the best place for consultation software to run their development software onshore and offshore.

Thus, software companies more enter Chennai rendering as the Silicon Alley of the India.

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