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Monday, 22 November 2010

YuMe is entered its video ad mobile network launches a new formats for iOS hardware

YuMe video ad network takes its announcement and mobile technology network today with the launch of the SDK for iOS devices and two new units mobile ad video to help advertisers, application developers and web publishers extend their reach iOS devices. YuMe technology requires video advertising networks dynamically videos on a number of publishers a variety of platform.

Publishers and application developers need to integrate the SDK and YuMe is going to support video ad operations with centralized ad serving iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Mobile Connect for YuMe as unit is full-screen video advertising covered "Tap to action."Advertisers can add social networking icons to be users of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or the same bank of app. connection icons mark a link to the downloadable coupons, advertiser's Web site or contact numbers for their sales or customer service teams.

Mobile advertising second format, Mobile Billboard banner features a full screen or ad media that appears before the video content and allows the user to play or to connect to destination sites video social networking and e-commerce brand.

Mobile is a huge market and YuMe is probably a good thing throw their hat heard dollars.Bien billion market, it is a competitive market and YuMe go head to lead with Apple, iVdopia, BrightRoll, AdMob autres.YuMe collected nearly $50 million and is already profitable.

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