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Saturday, 17 December 2011

How to be Successful

I'm 34, started IM 6 months ago.
I was forced to do a vacationjob, but didn't want to.
So I searched for an alternative way to earn money.
-> I found BHW (read for 3 months, took little to no action)
--> was a noob (still am) & asking questions
---> but never gave up (reading & learning)

One day!
-> Found a method
--> Very easy
---> I tried it
-----> Earned my first $$'s through work online!
-------> Started scaling up
---------> Earned 90$ in couple of days + Was paid (super happy)
----------> Earned my first 300$ next month
------------> 1800$ 2 months later
--------------> everything is now 99% automated (I do work for like 0 - 60 seconds a day)

-> Learn programming
--> Learn webdesign
---> Keep learning & never give up
----> Automated $$ flow with no work = fake?
------> nope
--------> how?

When I started to code, thanks to .NET lessons @school I was able to make scripts & apps to do all my tasks.
Some things seem impossible at first sight, but
I kept trying & searching for an answer/solution how to make it possible & how to automate it.

-> I searched & worked on my ways HOURS daily (almost no food lol : minor starvation)
--> Kept doing this for DAYS
----> Until finally, one day came, when I did it!
------> I started improving the system
--------> Started making it better
----------> HOW DID I DO IT?

I didn't have the SKILL to accomplish it, but I did it: because I never gave up! I knew it was possible, I knew someone could do it, so why not me?

Once a thing happens in your life, afterwards,
you realize how you could've changed that or prevented.
Well after some experience, you realize how you can change things,
how you can improve things.

All you want lies in success, thats why you are reading here right?
Success comes from achieving a goal (SET A GOAL)
Achieving it comes from -> NEVER GIVE UP

No matter how weak & slow you are, no matter how stupid, if you keep doing what you're doing, you won't fail -> it won't be easy, but just don't give up or stop pursuing success.

Hope you enjoyed


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