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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Social Media Success Summit 2011 - Hot Stuff!


The Future of Social Media: A Forecast Based on Research
INSTRUCTOR: Jeremiah Owyang

TOPIC: Why social media now?

Is 2011 the year of integration? Find out how social media is spreading into many digital touchpoints and changing lifestyles, businesses and how we interact with each other. In this presentation, analyst Jeremiah Owyang from the Altimeter Group will provide you his social media insight, identify the trends to watch and reveal how companies are responding.

Finding and Engaging Your Target Audience With Social Media

TOPIC: Engagement and Acquisition

Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube and Groupon! These hot networks are quickly becoming standard extensions of any business's marketing strategy. But these networks represent something much more transformative. Now everyday individuals are influencing the decision-making process. They represent an entirely new cadre of authorities and experts. And they're changing everything. During this session, Brian Solis, author of Engage, will discuss the new world of influence and introduce strategies and tactics for identifying who exactly is influencing your market and how to engage them in ways that work for you and them.

Facebook News Feed Optimization: How to Dramatically Increase Your Visibility and Engagement

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

As much as 90% of Facebook users do not return to pages once they like a page. This means most of your fans only ever see and interact with your Facebook page posts via their news feeds. In this exciting session, Mari Smith, co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, will reveal how to begin mastering the art and science of consistently getting in front of your fans via the news feed. It's one thing to have a great-looking fan page; it's another to have exceptionally high engagement. Mari will show you how to do both to get maximum results from your Facebook marketing!

How to Create On-the-Fly Videos to Enhance Your Social Media Content
INSTRUCTOR: Steve Garfield

TOPIC: Video Marketing

Your video content is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than your standard text-based content, according to a recent Forrester Research report. Video should be part of your content mix, but creating videos can be a scary proposition. But the good news is that recent video innovations make the prospect less frightening, providing you more options than ever. During this session, Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen, will show you how to create videos on the fly to embed on your site or blog. He'll also provide content ideas that are best suited to video and discuss affordable and easy-to-use video cameras and equipment.

Proven Social Media Strategies to Rapidly Grow Your Business
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

TOPIC: Social Media Strategy

Are you looking to stand apart from your competitors? Do you need a new strategy-one that you'll enjoy implementing? During this high-energy session, Michael Stelzner, author of the new book Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition, will reveal his proven elevation principle strategy to grow your business. And it's not just any strategy, it's the very one he used to transform Social Media Examiner into a social media sensation. You'll learn how great content, plus other people, minus marketing messages can rapidly grow your business.

13 Ways to Use Twitter Marketing to Grow Your Business
INSTRUCTOR: Hollis Thomases

TOPIC: Twitter Marketing

With over 190 million users generating 65 million tweets a day, Twitter's unique real-time communications platform makes marketing to a global audience as easy as typing or texting 140 characters! In this presentation, Hollis Thomases, author of the book Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day, will show you how to use Twitter to build a brand (or personal brand), promote products and services, conduct market research and generate leads and sales. She'll reveal case studies and showcase some helpful Twitter tools.

How to Ensure Your Brand Makes Customers the Forefront of Your Social Media Activities
INSTRUCTOR: Frank Eliason (Citigroup)

TOPIC: Social Customer Service

Customer service and social media are closely tied, thanks in large part to the efforts of Frank Eliason. As a pioneer in social media customer service (first at Comcast and now at Citigroup), Frank has extensive experience. During this session, you'll discover how to make customers the center of your social media efforts. Frank will reveal actionable tips that will help your business succeed.

How Big Business-to-Business Brands Are Leveraging the Power of Social Media (Panel Discussion)
PANELISTS: Todd Blecher (Boeing) and Stephanie Marx (Cisco)

TOPIC: Business-to-Business Big Brand Case Examples

Wondering how well known B2B businesses are using social media to engage consumers and prospects? Look no further! In this session, popular brands will come together for the first time to share how they've achieved social media success. You'll have the opportunity to ask your questions live to our panel.

How to Instantly Engage Your Market, Connect with Customers and Create Products that Grow Your Business Now
INSTRUCTOR: David Meerman Scott

TOPIC: Real-time Marketing

Wake up! It's revolution time! Gone are the days when you could plan out your marketing programs well in advance and release them on your timetable. It's a real-time world now. And if you're not engaged, then you're on your way to marketplace irrelevance. Caught up in old, time-consuming processes, too many companies leave themselves fatally exposed by flying blind through this new media environment. You don't have to be among them. During this session, David Meerman Scott, author of Real-Time Marketing and PR, reveals what you need to know to seize the initiative, open new channels and grow your brand.

Leveraging the Blogosphere to Build Audience
INSTRUCTOR: David Germano

TOPIC: Advanced Blogging

Are you looking to grow a large following for your blog? In this session, David Germano from Barefoot Proximity will reveal how his company has built very large blogs for Fortune 50 companies using the power of other bloggers. He'll present case studies and share techniques on how to more effectively leverage the blogosphere. You'll discover innovative strategies to better connect with the audience you're trying to reach and how content curation can grow your following. You'll walk away with key insights on how to create scale for your existing blogging strategy.

How to Use LinkedIn to Enhance and Grow Your Business
INSTRUCTOR: Mario Sundar (LinkedIn)

TOPIC: LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the number-one business-to-business social media network. Mario Sundar is LinkedIn's senior global social media manager and chief blogger. With nearly 100 million professionals, LinkedIn is a social network your business can't ignore. Whether you focus on B2B marketing or sales, LinkedIn can add value for every member of your organization. During this session, Mario will reveal practical tips and tricks for everyone from CEO to marketer to small business owner.

How to Use Social Media to Enchant People
INSTRUCTOR: Guy Kawasaki

TOPIC: Engagement

New York Times bestselling author Guy Kawasaki explains how to change people's hearts, minds, and actions using social media. The session features practical tips and tricks to make your social-media presence as enchanting as can be. Topics include likability, trustworthiness, content as well as push and pull methods.

Word of Mouth Marketing: It's More Than Social Media
INSTRUCTOR: Andy Sernovitz

TOPIC: Social media tactics

Word of mouth marketing is the art of getting other people to spread your message for you. It works for all marketing, but it's essential if you expect people to share your story using social media. You can't get people to share your message if you don't give them the motivation and tools to tell their colleagues. In this session, Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing, will reveal how to build an effective word of mouth marketing campaign that you can use to get people talking. He'll show you where to start and how to make it successful. You'll discover practical, how-to steps you can use immediately.

The Science of Social Media Marketing
INSTRUCTOR: Dan Zarrella

TOPIC: Twitter and Facebook Marketing

More and more people are using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to talk about companies and products with their friends and colleagues. During this session, social scientist Dan Zarrella (author, The Social Media Marketing Book) will reveal how social psychology motivates people to share information. Learn what drives people to share information and opinions online based on scientifically proven best practices for spreading your content virally through social media.

Making Smart Decisions With Social Analytics
INSTRUCTOR: Kelly Feller (Intel)

TOPIC: Social Media Monitoring

You're likely familiar with the benefits of engaging your customers online. However, there's so much more that can be learned by monitoring online conversations about your brand. In this session, Kelly Feller from Intel will reveal the benefits of social media monitoring for any size company. She'll share how insights derived from monitoring can help influence everything from products to marketing and content plans.

How Big Consumer Brands Are Using Social Media (Panel Discussion)
PANELISTS: Kevin Heaps (Verizon) and Pia Baker (Timex) with Shripal Shah

TOPIC: Business-to-Consumer Big Brand Case Examples

Wondering how mega-corporations are using social media to engage customers? Here's your answer! In this session, some of America's largest brands will come together for the first time to share how they've achieved success with social media. You'll have the opportunity to ask your questions live to our panel.

The Magic Combination of Content and Social Media
INSTRUCTORS: Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman

TOPIC: Content Marketing

Every company today is looking to embrace social media and dive right in. But this is not possible without also getting your content strategy in order. Authors and marketing experts Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman (authors, Content Rules) will reveal why content must be at the core of your social media marketing efforts.

How to Create a Stampede of Local Customers Via Your Facebook Page, Places and Deals

TOPIC: Facebook Marketing

Are you getting all the customers you can handle for your local business? Location-based services have exploded in popularity with sites like Foursquare, Gowalla and Yelp. But Facebook Places has the largest user base. Both consumers and businesses can tap into this incredible service to receive direct benefits. Mari Smith, co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, will reveal the steps needed to effectively manage your Place page, set up enticing deals, run promotions and integrate your location-based marketing with your Facebook page.

How to Hug Your Calculator: The 6-Step Process for Measuring Social Media

TOPIC: Social Media Measurement

Is social media making you money, saving you money or both? The unnecessary "mysteries" of social media measurement will be cleared up in this dynamic presentation from social strategist Jay Baer, co-author of The NOW Revolution. In 6 steps, he'll reveal a reliable system for selecting and tracking useful as well as viable metrics to show social media's impact on your company

Creating a Social Bookmarking Traffic Explosion with Buzz Content

TOPIC: Social Bookmarking

Everyone wants to succeed with social bookmarking, but many overlook the single most important factor... the CONTENT. If your content sucks, then how on earth is it going to organically spread through the social bookmarking world? When you create buzz with content, you can sit back and watch as an army of thousands of strangers all over the world promotes your content for free. During this session, you'll learn the core principles, strategies and tricks to creating content that gets shared. Once you know how to do this, you'll have a priceless skill that can also apply to your emails, blog posts, articles, newsletters and videos.

How to Measure Your Social Media Return on Investment
INSTRUCTOR: Erik Qualman

TOPIC: Social Media ROI

During this session, Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, will explore case studies of companies deriving hard returns from their social media investments. He'll look at hidden soft costs, as well as soft returns that affect the bottom line dramatically. He'll also reveal the most important question every company should ask before starting any social media campaign.


Free Bonus #1: How to Use Twitter As a Marketing Weapon
INSTRUCTOR: Guy Kawasaki

Are you using Twitter to promote your business? Are you looking to create a large and raving fan base? If you answered 'yes,' you need to listen carefully to Guy Kawasaki. Guy is an entrepreneur, the co-founder of Alltop and has 310,000+ Twitter followers. In this video he'll reveal how he uses Twitter as a marketing super weapon and disclose his tricks and tips. He'll also give you a guided tour of how major brands use Twitter. You won't want to miss this high-energy video.

Free Bonus #2: The Case for Facebook and What Your Business Needs to Know

By this time next year, more businesses will be vested into Facebook than any other social network (yes even more than Twitter). With more than 500 million active users, Facebook has become the world's largest social gathering spot. In this video, Brian Solis, author of the book Engage! will show you why Facebook is so essential to businesses of all sizes and what you need to do to benefit from the Facebook explosion.

Free Bonus #3: 8 Steps to Creating a Winning Social Media Strategy

Have you been involved with social media for a while, but have no clear plan? Feeling a little unsure about where to start? Don't worry-you're not alone. But if you want to achieve greater results for your business, you need to have the right plan. In this high-energy video, social media expert Jay Baer will reveal how to build your own social media strategy. His proven techniques will help you build a sustainable, sensible and tools-agnostic social media program. You'll find the clarity and purpose your social media program's been missing.

Free Bonus #4: From Fans to Superfans: How To Turbo-Boost Your Facebook Engagement

Building an attractive Facebook page and gaining fans is important. But, engagement is the secret sauce missing from most Facebook pages. If you want to create an environment that cultivates the growth of fans who become evangelists for your page and business, then you won't want to miss this video. Mari Smith, co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, will reveal creative ways to generate engagement on your page, how to identify and incentivize "superfans," and how to consistently create buzz that drives traffic back to your blog, website and sales pages.

Free Bonus #5: 20 Actionable Techniques to Enhance Your Blog's Content

Content marketing evangelist Joe Pulizzi and co-author of Get Content Get Customers will reveal twenty actionable tactics to create compelling content. He'll share how he's used these very tactics to grow a million-dollar business. You'll walk away with many actionable ideas that will transform your business.

Free Bonus #6: Creating Buzz With Social Media Contests
INSTRUCTOR: Michael Stelzner

Looking to spur your customers (and prospects) to action? Nothing beats a fun and engaging contest. During this video Michael Stelzner, founder of, will reveal his proven methods for conducting social media contests. In addition, he'll teach you the common mistakes you must avoid.

Free Bonus #7: How Big Businesses Are Leveraging the Power of Blogs
PANEL: Christi McNeil (Southwest Airlines), Rick Wion (McDonald's), David Germano (P&G's Man of the House), and Rick Calvert (BlogWorld)

Wondering how mega-corporations are using blogs to engage customers? Here's your answer! In this video, three of America's largest brands (Southwest Airlines, McDonald's, and Procter and Gamble) will come together for the first time to share how they've achieved success with blogs. Christi McNeill (Southwest Airlines), Rick Wion (McDonald's), David Germano (General Manager with Barefoot Proximity, for P&G's Man of the House site), along with moderator Rick Calvert (BlogWorld), will provide you a unique peek into how big businesses are using blogs. You'll have the opportunity to ask your questions live to our panel.

Free Bonus #8: How to Create an Editorial Guide for Your Facebook Page
INSTRUCTOR: Amy Porterfield

Facebook pages are an excellent way to add value and create raving fans. However, without a solid plan in place, your page could actually do more harm than good. When you plan ahead and create a guide, growing your fans and building relationships becomes effortless. This video will show you step-by-step how to create an editorial guide to ensure your Facebook Page is a huge success. Includes Social Media Examiner's Facebook page editorial guide in Microsoft Word for your use.

Free Bonus #9: How a Chicago Pizza Franchise Used Social Media to Create Raving Customers (A Case Study)

Are you running a local business? Looking to leverage social media to bring customers back again and again? Does the thought of your customers evangelizing your business on Twitter and Facebook sound interesting? Well then, you'll need to hear how Ramon De Leon, operating partner of a six-store Chicago Domino's Pizza franchise, has taken his business to the next level using the tools of social media. Ramon has been called a "word-of-mouth SUPER GENIUS" and in this video he'll reveal how he used social media to grow his brand and his business.

Free Bonus #10: Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn: The Business Social Network

Selling to other businesses? If you're serious about social networking, you need to step up your LinkedIn game. Learn why if you're not on LinkedIn you're missing major opportunities to further your business and grow your network. With more than 60 million business users and an average household income of $109,000 per member, LinkedIn is the place you need to be. In this video, Lewis Howes, author of LinkedWorking, will reveal how to use LinkedIn to generate new business leads, drive targeted traffic to your site and build your network.

Free Bonus #11: Transforming Your Small Business Blog Into a Lead Generation Machine

The heart and soul of any successful inbound marketing program is creating remarkable content, but how can you generate business leads from that content? Smart B2B blogging experts understand that a blog is a lead generation machine and understand how to leverage a blog for lead generation opportunities. In this video, HubSpot VP of Inbound Marketing Mike Volpe will teach attendees how to maximize the lead generation potential of their business blogs, discussing various techniques including the use of offers, calls to action, links, and landing pages.

Free Bonus #12: How Big B2B Businesses Are Leveraging the Power of Facebook (Panel Discussion)
PANEL: Ekaterina Walter (Intel), LaSandra Brill (Cisco) and Brian Ellefritz (SAP)

Wondering how mega business-to-business corporations are using Facebook to engage prospects and customers? Look no further! In this video, three of the world's largest business-to-business brands (Intel, Cisco and SAP) will come together for the first time to share how they've achieved Facebook success. Ekaterina Walter (Intel), LaSandra Brill (Cisco) and Brian Ellefritz (SAP) will provide you a unique peek into how big businesses are using Facebook.

Free Bonus #13: 3 Reasons You Need a YouTube Marketing Strategy (and Tips to Help You Generate Results)

More than 20 hours of new video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute! Here's some perspective. Add up all the content that ABC, CBS and NBC have aired over the last 60 years. YouTube publishes the same amount of video every 60 days. Six of seven people on the web are viewing online video every month. This is an enormous opportunity for your business. In this video, Greg Jarboe, author of YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour a Day, will share why you need a YouTube marketing strategy to be successful with online video. He'll also offer practical tips for generating real results for your business.

Free Bonus #14: 5 Social Media Case Studies Worth Close Examination

You're probably using Twitter and Facebook, but do you stand out? Would case examples of businesses that are pushing the edge spur your creative juices? In this video, chief content officer of MarketingProfs Ann Handley will share how other business are innovating with social media and pushing the marketing envelope. You won't want to miss this video.
Click here to watch video.

Free Bonus #15: 9 Companies Doing Social Media Right and What You Need to Know
INSTRUCTORS: Mike Stelzner and Mari Smith

Have you kept up with all the social media changes? Are you looking for some creative social media ideas? Do you want to know how your peers are using social media? For sage advice on these very topics, watch this video from Mari Smith (co-author, Facebook Marketing) and Michael Stelzner (founder, Social Media Examiner). In this video you'll discover new ways businesses are using social media and how these new ideas can help your organization grow.

Free Bonus #16: How To Create a Compelling Facebook Presence That Generates Profits

Are you looking to build a new Facebook page? Do you have one that needs a major overhaul? In this video, Mari Smith, co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day will show you precisely how to build out your customer-focused Facebook Page. She'll provide a comprehensive checklist of what to do to ensure your Facebook page grows over time. Mari will also take a deep dive into the vast array of Facebook settings, applications and customizable features available for your Facebook page. When you're done, you'll have a game plan for consistently generating leads and keeping your existing fans coming back for more and more!

Free Bonus #17: Leveraging the Power of Facebook Advertising
INSTRUCTOR: Chris Treadaway

Facebook advertising is changing the way marketers reach customers and prospects. Facebook allows businesses to target consumers based on amazingly granular settings. For example, men under 30 living in San Diego who are fans of the local baseball team and like beer yet are not currently following your Facebook page can be immediately targeted. In this video, Chris Treadaway, co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day, will reveal all tricks and techniques you need to know to use Facebook ads a powerful demand generation tool for your business.

Free Bonus #18: Applying Method to the Madness: Picking the Right Facebook Strategy

Do you have a Facebook strategy? Are you using Facebook just because of its size, or do you have a concrete rationale for participation? There are five main approaches to using Facebook for businesses. Each of these strategies requires different tactics, resources and success metrics. If you're looking to bring some clarity to your Facebook efforts, be sure not to miss this illuminating video from social media strategist Jay Baer. It will change the way you think about Facebook for business.

Free Bonus #19: Becoming a Dominant Force With Video Blogging
INSTRUCTOR: David Siteman Garland

If you're looking to create an incredible connection with individuals, create a passionate community, and even turn yourself (or your company) into the next "Internet Superstar" there might be NO better option than video blogging. In this fluff-free video, the founder of The Rise to the Top video blog and author of Smarter, Faster, Cheaper David Siteman Garland will reveal how to get started with video blogging. He'll overcome common misconceptions, reveal the tools you need, inspire you with ideas, and empower you to get your own video blog underway.

Free Bonus #20: How to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings With Blogging

Would you like to rank higher in the search engines, drive more qualified leads to your website, and grow your business? In this video, you'll learn how to dramatically increase your company's search engine visibility by writing blog content that answers the questions your best prospects are asking via Google and Bing. Popular business blogger Rich Brooks will show you tools, tips, and techniques that will put you ahead of your competitors and place your blog at the center of your marketing activities.

Free Bonus #21: The Twitter Strategy Marketing Guide
AUTHOR: Cindy King

This ebook gives you step-by-step instructions to set up a tweet plan to bring in the contacts you want to meet on Twitter. You will learn how to brand your Twitter feed so your tweets attract the right people. Your tweet plan ensures the time you spend on Twitter is focused on your business objectives so you get more value out of the time you spend on social media.


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