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Monday, 4 November 2013

Millionaire High School Scam Artist

but still quite noisy of anotherfinancial planner in the news or his own
good someone who crossed the line forinternet fraud and still a lot of money
spent one million dollars got caught andlost
but there is one thing that made callbarter realm of different
must stand out among the internet mostwanted
he was just a few
in high school
girl's life is required
before he got into trouble in thisenvironment in the
face trial
and so focused so
excited about this in reading
but call was already starting to showanother challenge
really innocently as a little kid
obsession and make money
from the little league fundraisers
i would sell the candy bars door-to-doorto the neighbors for
two or three dollars and seventy onedollars
the police and some for his next venture
learning how to s gambling d collectorson
thrill i had to thirty dollars forreelection two dollars where it came
from my end
an innovator
there's no faced event email address
vanished friend
fifteen calls salvaged and sold to coverthe tiger woods rookie cards for two
hundred and forty thousand dollars givenlegitimate option
is down twenty-five thousand engage inaccess to a stock account and that's
when colborne aroma really under the bigleagues
here's how we did
it's called a internet stock content outcoupon penny stocks that montage popular
message boards and high commandclassified ad on steve
isn't my generated by someone who pose asecurity and moved house that security
is going up in value so the prices go upand then once the prices go up the
person who's having the securities sellstheir shares at a profit and then the
prices collapse and everyone else could
people liked what they heard and thoughtthe warrantless toxicol was pitching
never knowing that teenager was waitingon the other and to finish them off
so then when you get an excel don't andhis israel
and overnight called charged fivethousand dollars into fifty thousand
it was really money and was strangled injuly
lisa price of people citizens
and is in a sense
it's that easy
get people to buy a stock
by his senior year in high school he wasrunning a big investment side involved
invest better two thousand and one andget this
once i'd promised investors uncaring treturn
um... twenty five hundred percent he wasoffering risk-free investments from the
same facts and sporting events
believe it or not strangers sentimentone million dollars in just one month
moving along here fifty-eight
highways thinking
i feel really special i'm in school
and i can't wait to get home
and death
continue running this company i feellike senior
other should be able to nurture visionproblem with the law of the security
strange commission accused him ofdefrauding people out of millions of
dollars suddenly call found himself inhot water
he was also in the news
and loving every minute of it at first ithought it was boston teachers come up
to me and asked for my autograph thatfirst day on campus after the news broke
a lot of teacher wasn't and economicsteacher he got lucky
first-time out the s_e_c_ let him go
that teenage caller tapped intosomething dark an exciting
the vatican make a lot of money breakingthe rules and he was good at it i'd
finally accomplishment will be in a amillion and by the end of high school
and saying that since i was fourteenthat i had passed by both sound
ridiculous but tumi i knew i could do it
no one ever taught munitions one by onethey are paying
at nineteen he was out at a gamble heattempted to embezzle four hundred
thousand dollars from a mission viejobag
defined more gambling
walk in my car
hand sentencing out of the movie
you know
two or three cop cars and ensign gag yetsaddam's put your hands up he's got a
gun is playing it
measures like
and i'm just just outta my mind
do you think i've committed a crime
five committed a federal crime
and that's when i realized that if
finding deep trouble
this time call got caught
and this time he went to present this
does this affect their interest
it looking back calls all his victimsays
simple people gambled against a masterplayer
and lost
he makes no apologies
if you decide to invest you're taking arisk to make an example
so hopefully putting your research ifyour researches
my opinion in a message
or part two
roll the dice and see what happens
he has no empathy for his victims robertbegan was the assistant u_s_ attorney
who prosecuted calls case
the worst of all i don't believe hetruly has a new empathy
for his family on whom he was inflicted
such pain increased but once we don'tbelieve that cause a shred of a motion
for twenty-one himself there are strictlaws in place in california when it
comes to internet investing
you can only invest in a registeredsecurity
it has to be registered either withuh... state
or or with the s_e_c_ and if you tradein us security that's not registered
there is a legal trading and there arecivil and criminal violations that will
so where does this story go from here
colborne aroma is still thinking big butwriting a book the wants to go back to
playing baseball
mostly though he dreams of getting offprobation
and getting back
onto the internet
bass drum in his mind he's still abusinessman and an entrepreneur
the reality is down
at twenty four
cole porter romo is a convicted felon
having learned a lesson plan yetfollowing your dad's footsteps and
go to the ninety five and
mind and that's all when i was turned ina
you sisters
get a job
hard worker like he is
hard-working blue collar
american issues
why not i'd feel that's
that's thrown away
the gifts i mean either


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