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Saturday, 9 October 2010

CD Replication and Mastering

Ever since the CD, or compact disc, was first introduced, it has become the primary medium for storing digital data, especially digital audio. Today, CDs are the standard playback format, especially for commercial audio recordings. The widespread use of CDs today is due to their versatility, speed, ease of use and low cost of producing large quantities of original disc copies.

The process of producing large quantities of CDs is called replication. CD replication is the process used in the recording industry to create and release music albums by performing artists.

How CD Replication and Mastering Works

In CD replication, every CD made is an exact copy of the original CD. Essentially, a replicated CD is in itself also a master copy of the original.

The process of replication requires a number of steps such as mastering, injection molding, metallizing and spin coating.

"Mastering" means making the original master disc from which all copies will be replicated. This process entails all the necessary adjustments and finishing touches on the songs or tracks before they can be replicated. The original master is then used to create the glass master. Afterwards, stamps are made from this glass master.

High-tech injection molding is then used by these stamps to generate identical copies of the original master disc. Once the preliminary master copy is made, it must undergo finalization. During this stage, the disc is coated with reflective aluminum and lacquer to help protect its surface and preserve the data stored. The discs are now ready for label printing.

Because of the speed, ease and cost efficiency of CD replication, record labels are able to meet a high demand for CDs. But this technique is not limited to the recording industry. In fact, CD replication and mastering is readily available to the public. There are CD replication services now on hand. With the proper knowledge and equipment, you can even do your own CD replication and mastering.

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