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Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Online Scheduling Software - Beats All the Rest

For nearly two years I've been using a web-based online scheduling software called Appointment Quest to manage appointments in my private practice. You can read about why online scheduling is absolutely the way to go here. (This post has been edited to reflect the new service that I use and write about here.)

For only about $20-$30 dollars per month, depending on the level of service you sign up for, it offered everything I needed to manage my client scheduling - I could limit my availability, send clients reminders of their appointments and it saved me tons of time in the back-n-forth of booking an appointment. While it offered what I wanted and it allowed my clients to make and change their appointments without going through me, something they enjoyed as well, I was never really thrilled with their service.

The set up of Appointment Quest is very complicated, the tech support is pitiful at best and the system looks very out of date. I got the sense that the company set up the software in the 80's and was resting on their laurels. But at the time, there wasn't a whole lot of options. And just like with a lot of things, I finally had figured my way around the system and was hesitant to set myself up again with another, newer scheduling system and go through the set up process again.

I recently was introduced to It took less than an hour to set up, and it's even easier for me to navigate and for my clients to make their appointments. And best of all, I could customize the look and feel of my "welcome to my schedule" page with colors, images and even my signature.

And the price? Only $29.95 for the ENTIRE YEAR. That saves me about $340 per year in the other scheduling service fees. Better service, better price - Brilliant!

I hope this is helpful for you and your practice too.


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