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Sunday, 28 November 2010

(After a period of five months and acquisition of $750 M), AdMob Director General Omar Hamoui Leaves Google

(««Home» period» after a period of five months and acquisition of $750 M), AdMob Director General Omar Hamoui Leaves Google

Last November, Google announced that it had acquired ad mobile leader network AdMob whopping 750 million.Today, less than one year after the closing of the agreement, AdMob, founder and CEO Omar Hamoui leaves Google, we confirmed with company .Google says Hamoui left for personal reasons.

Seems that Google is the end of the stick here - Hamoui actually could work for five months, the search giant because the acquisition of AdMob Google owned by endless federal investigation that stretched from November 2009 until the end of may, 2010 .c ' is an eternity in this very competitive space.

What we've heard used AdMob had encouraging start to vest as soon as the agreement was terminated in October/November 2009 step when he finally approved in May is 2010.En we heard Hamoui isn't the only Executive AdMob leave after a brief stint - we're working to get a more detailed list of the other members of staff who have also left Google.

A spokesman for Google gave us this statement:

"" Omar decided to leave the reasons for personnelles.Il AdMob Google built a fantastic company in a short period of time, and we wish him the mobile meilleure.Publicité - search and display - is now a billion for Google with key AdMob cette.Google is fortunate to have an excellent team of leaders that feed into the next phase of rapid growth and innovation in our products for mobile advertising. ""

Last update: AdMob other departures include:

Ali Diab AdMob VP products and operations management, who founded Caturra Capital, LLC, a hedge, funds specializing in technology sectorNiren Hiro, AdMob VP of business development who left in May to become the CEO of the CrowdStar

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