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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Google FeedBurner provides real-time traffic statistics "plus one more"

"Google FeedBurner provides real-time traffic statistics" plus 1 more
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Google FeedBurner provides real-time traffic statistics

Published: October 28, 2010 12: 09 PM PDT

This week, Google announced an improved FeedBurner stats package that provides data in real-time on clicks, views, and podcast downloads.

For fanatics of social media, FeedBurner team adds that, "If you use the service FeedBurner Socialize and your platform uses PubSubHubbub or we ping on when you post, you can get for the first time stats on what traffic your items for animal feed receiving Twitter, as well as reading flows such as Google Reader in one location platforms."

Looks like these buttons refresh are defined for a workout…Did you tried the new statistics? what are your thoughts?

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Mission objective: why goals matter ever

Published: October 28, 2010 06: 05 am PDT

goals.pngImage by Iguana Jo.

Heard in Vegas at BlogWorld Expo:

"I have just started a blog and I am delighted to see where it would lead me."

Have you ever said something like that?When I first started, it was certainly something that I recall telling an ami.Personne really knew where the blogging medium lead - we were all very happy to let it evolve and see where we've finished.

There was actually a meaning in this approach: blogs was continues to evolve, and because the space was not too crowded and competitive, many bloggers have almost accidentally scanned into amazing opportunities.

The problem begins today bloggers face is see-where-it-will-lead approach does not work always.There are millions of blogs, the mainstream media is investing serious cash in space, and some style all the collaboration WINS world that go on in the blogosphere has disappeared.

That good things come even when you leave your blog evolve and luck always plays a role, many bloggers the most successful I meet today are strategic on what they do.

One of the subjects I taught BlogWorld Expo this year focused on the objectives.

Knowing what you want to achieve and where you want to eventually you will be more likely to find itself in the realization of these things.

Conversely, exhibitor on a path with no idea of what you want to achieve is your destination purely by chance.It could bring good is - or put an end to the contrary.

"" If you don't know where you are going, how can you expect to get there? ".-Basil S. Walsh

The blogger who has not established targets

I told this story to BWE last week.

A number of years, a young blogger burst on the scene in a niche, in that I am écrit.Ils noticed faster than almost any what Blogger I'd seen before: in the weeks, their blog received hundreds of comments and spoken on many other blogs.

The reason for which they have been noticed so quickly was that almost every position, that they have written had a pot-shot to another blogger in their niche.Posts on the blog are critical, rants and personal attacks on others key in the niche (including me) .and, as a result, the blogger noticed very, very quickly.

The blog has increased in the coming months, largely based on this philosophy déficient.Autres bloggers having regard to the strategy of work and the deficient new blogs arose.The niche was not a particularly pleasant to take part in during a period of time there.

I have always thought that it was injury - the blogger was actually a smart person and when they wanted, they had good things to dire.Mais blog seemed always to be seasoned with toxic edges of what I thought that could have been achieved.

One day, which began just ceased to publication.Le blog blog went silent.

A few months later, the blog disappeared complètement.Toutes traces of it disappeared (although I am sure that he still lives in these sites the Internet Archive).

I always wondered what happened to the blogger, until a few months ago, I found myself in a chat room to listen to a webinar and recognized their name as one of the other participants.

I was able to get the blogger to jump on Skype with me and asked what was arrivé.Pourquoi is that they had stopped blogging?

History told me that the person has been that they had started blogs with a very vague goal: to remarquer.Après have noticed that they really knew what they wanted .c ' is only after they had been noticed that they realized that their ultimate goal is to be an authoritative voice in créneau.Le blogger wanted to be a person that people are turning worms with respect.Ils wanted to be someone who would ask to speak and write books on the subject.

The problem was that the way in which they were made at the outset on their blogs had their truly removed their identified goals tardivement.Ils burned bridges and known as the deficient blogger, rather than the authority blogger.

"Without goals and plans to reach them, you're like a ship set sail with no destination"-Fitzhugh Dodson

I have goals step.

I am very aware that many bloggers start blogging without hard targets and rapides.Ils take the go-see-where-it approach - duct .c ' was my approach, too - and good things come from it.

However, the reality is that the waves as they were, I objectives even when I started at the age of eight.

They were not certainly long-term and large-scale objectives major subject where I am today. rather, they were the goals on the next steps - where I would be in the coming days and weeks.

In time, I've reached some of what I have set out to YH ' I abandoned the other objectives and define new - some of them for the long key terme.La was to identify a direction to the head and begin to move.

You should not always the final destination in mind, but if you can identify some next steps to work, at least you'll be somewhere with intention.

"Progress have little to do with the speed, but much to do with the direction-" unknown

You can see which blogs will guide you you goals for your blogs?
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Thanks to @ pushingsocial and @ kennyhyder for help on Twitter with the title of this post.

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