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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Less Spotify, Pandora more - We7 moves Focus in cheaper ' Internet radio over

Navigate the choppy waters of music ad-management support, We7 had no fear of change of Cape Town. UK startup started life as an innovative free music download service prior to the transition towards an offering based on a browser request. While more recently the company, which is supported by Peter Gabriel, Eden Venture and spark Ventures, made a premium paid for the room with a notebook and desktop version without advertising.

Today, the We7 moves focus once more with the conviction that the route to the mass market requires more akin to Internet radio services like Pandora United States rather than a pure application play as European competitor Spotify b.c lean-back experience ' is also a model which relies more comfortably with We7's ad-decision support aspirations that Internet radio music licensing fees are approximately one-third of the required for on-demand non-subscription services.

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