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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The planet hosting companies and the complete fusion of SoftLayer

The planet and SoftLayer, two giants in the world of Web services, hosting and dedicated server were merged. News from the merger, which was the subject of rumours and speculation months now has been confirmed in a (confidential) email sent by the world earlier this morning. In the email, the company says that the news will be made public "soon". But why wait for them, right?

The planet is now Softlayer


Is pleased to announce the merger of the world ® and SoftLayer ® completes! There will soon be public announcements on the merger, but I would like to speak with you directly on the opportunities and the capabilities it brings.

I'll call you in the coming days to answer any questions you may have - there has been much speculation and I want that hear you about exciting road ahead of me directly.

We highly value your business and trust and have worked hard to create a smooth transition.Your global accounts and services remain unchanged. reassure you, new SoftLayer is committed to world-class support and personal service that you received by customer on the planet.

SoftLayer is already recognized for its automation and commitment to the development of products innovants.Mais now, you will receive new capabilities with the increase of the valeur.Vous have direct access and control your solutions thanks to our advanced customer portal and open with API.Cela allow you allows controlling, deploy and manage your entire request, environment without the need for human interaction.

Our goal is to provide better experience in the business and we want that see you directly.

The new SoftLayer offers:

-A range of products expanded with new products and services not available you forward.
-Automation-the-art customer portal and open API for direct access to more than 150 activities and back-end systems.
-Increased geographic diversity and to choose where the servers.
-Network high-speed and several POP, providing over 1,500 g connectivity and direct connections for lower latency.
-Exclusive network weaves separate public, private networks and Data Center-to-Data Center architecture.
-Best Service Level Agreement with 100% availability and guaranteed 2 hours or less (failure or upgrade) hardware replacement.
-A greater value for your company, including more performance per dollar, a more developed partnerships with industry leaders and international presence.

Your existing account and the planet services are managed and consulted as they were before Orbit and the portal hosting managé.Mais from next week, you can also access SoftLayer client portal with your username for the planet and the password.

Until such time as this information is made public, please consider confidentielles.Je you will send a note this week some time for a practical test for you.

The SoftLayer and GI partners investment firm management team had acquired all the equity in SoftLayer August dernier.Partenaires IM also happens to possess a great issue of the planet, thus merging companies have since swirling rumors.

The planet submits that it is currently the largest privately-owned dedicated hosting provider with more than 20,000 customers worldwide, over 48,000 servers and 15.7 million websites in management .the ' company employs more than 500 people.

In fact, four of the five leadership team page of the SoftLayer managers worked previously by the planet, including CEO Lance Crosby.Très probably, Crosby will become CEO of the combined company.

Jointly, planet and SoftLayer has approximately 80,000 dedicated servers under the direction, which means that it would probably be out potential rivals Rackspace and 1 & 1.

It is a company that I intend to take Pit road sometime next year.

We're going to dig for more information on the financial aspect of the agreement merge - stay tuned.

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