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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Milo has produced local mobile search with Android application inventory

Milo, a startup which highlights local brick and mortar in product search results stores inventory takes its mobile platform today with the publication of a tracks app free Android real time availability and prices of products of more than 3 million to more than 50,000 stores across United States, including target, Macy, Best Buy, body & barrel and much more.

Using phone geolocation of the Android application define location and in real-time on results returned a user to the availability of a product in stores in the region. Users will be able to access, where the stores are located and how price compares to other stores in a given region.So if I sought a juicer in Palo Alto, Milo returns the device availability in stores nearby, including target, Macy and fund & barrel .the ' application will also give driving me directions to local shops.

Milo has a site optimized for smartphones HTML5, is the first native application launched by it démarrage.Dans all the honestly, I think that Milo service could become even more popular on mobile phones than on the web.The idea that I can just find a local availability on inch or so that I am at the store from a competitor is incredibly attractive.

And it is no coincidence that Milo launches as shopping season of the year of Milo Jack Abraham fêtes.Cofondateur ramps told me that he hoped that the application to hugely popular among users, especially consumers use application for live price comparisons.

Abraham said that a similar application for the iPhone will also be published shortly.As to why he started on Android first of all, he said that the process of developing an application for the Android platform is simply easier.

Of course, there is also another factor to be considered for relocation of the Milo to publish first on Android.Google has recently launched a similar feature, called Blue point on Google mobile search by product, similar to Milo, Blue point allows users within research see if a product is in stock in the stores of proximité.Mais as Milo countered, Google does not have the scope of the inventory was Milo.Milo has recently launched an agreement with the Pricegrabber to show local shopping site comparative inventory in the results of research.

Earlier this year, Forrester reported that "research online, buy offline" consumer market represents 917 billion in consumer spending was 30 per cent of all retail U.S. at the time sales market .This is important and if Milo can develop a SkypeOut faithful on mobile applications, it can take a piece of a fairly large pie.

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