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Saturday, 6 November 2010

With two days left in October, the Diaspora Pushes Public Alpha on Thanksgiving

Project Diaspora. The open source Facebook-killa. You know that. Developers have a taste of last month. And the rest of us were supposed to get an alpha build usable this month. In addition, there are only two days in this month. Therefore it is shouldn't be too surprising that they're pushing new consumer release.

In a post pointing out some of the gains achieved today, diaspora team notes:

Our set of core functionality is almost terminé.Une times is stable, we will put in place an alpha server so anyone, not just developers, can try in the diaspora and help us improve. We are shooting for it before Thanksgiving.

If this diaspora has been working on since last month?Here are some of the latest features that they note:

Public messages are now can be posted to Twitter and FacebookFriends may now be aspectsRe-sharing multiple state messages to aspects other than those originally posted caused invite system for inviting your friends not hip to the diaspora yetEmail notifications on new data and request acceptanceAccount friend is more friendly exportableA "start" experience

Having said that, we heard some developers who built the releases themselves that there is some security holes pretty blatant in the initial builds YH ' hope that those who will be resolved before the public gets any kind of taste.

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